West Clare VTOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able for it?

The answer is YES, YES,YES! The difference between school and VTOS is that tutors teach at your pace. Therefore the tutor will not go any faster than you are able to learn. Most of the classes are small so that you get plenty of help. What's more, from our experience, all students get on better than they expect.

Will I get a qualification on VTOS?

Yes, you will have the choice of getting qualifications in most of the subjects but not all subjects. Different types of qualifications are available for different subjects. Qualifications are from

  • QQI (Quality and Qualifications lreland)
  • A Certificate of Attendance from the VTOS Centre

What is QQI?

QQI is the chief awarding body in Ireland for qualifications in Further Education. If you reach the standard set by QQI in a subject, you will get certification for that subject called 'a record of achievement'.

If you want to get qualifications in a particular area of interest such as Childcare, Business, Community Care or Food Production and Beekeeping, then you will be able to get a QQI Award in that area. To do this, there are certain subjects you have to complete.

Where will I find information about what's happening in VTOS?

  • A good place to start is by looking at the West Clare VTOS Facebook Page.
  • Pick a reliable friend on VTOS and ask them what's happening. This is important particularly if you are out sick.
  • Also ask your VTOS Co-Ordinator or Tutors. They are always willing to help.