West Clare VTOS

Business Administration Award

The aim of this Major Award is to give the user the confidence, ability and skills to become part of any type of business in an administrative role. The award will prepare the learner to develop an understanding of every area within the business. This course can be used a springboard into a workplace or into further learning.

Job Opportunities

  • Office/Clerical Assistant
  • Payroll/Accounts Assistant
  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Legal and General Office Work

Info Please note that modules marked with R are required for this Award, while those marked O are options.


This QQI level 5 module is designed to give the learner a comprehensive knowledge of the functions and requirements of a business.  It includes the breakdown of organisational structures within business and the administrative requirements of each department.

The course will equip any learner with the skills needed to operate efficiently and effectively in a business environment.

This module is designed to give the learner the relevant knowledge and skills to use the internet as an effective communication and research tool and to develop the learner’s technical skills.

The module also gives the learner an appreciation of the importance of ensuring security and confidentiality when using the Internet.

Communications is mandatory for all level 5 awards. It is very important to have good communication skills in order to enable a person to work effectively in the workplace.

Communications is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages or information, as by speech, visuals, signals, writing, or behaviour. It is the meaningful exchange of information between two or a group of people.

Level 5 learners will be required to build a collection of work/portfolio which consists of written work and skills demonstrations including a one to one interview, an oral presentation and group discussion.

This award aims to allow the learner to gain practical experience in a work environment. This placement is prepared for by the learner by exploring the employment area; their own goals and their skill-set. A plan and comprehensive learner diary are prepared during the placement and a supervisors report containing feedback is completed by the employer.

After the placement a reflection and personal critique is written allowing the learner to prepare for future employment and/or training opportunities.

This module aims to give the learner an understanding of both computerised and manual bookkeeping techniques.  The skills learned will equip the learner with knowledge and competence to produce and maintain accurate records. 

The methods used ensure easy integration with any organisation or business’ bookkeeping methods and procedures.

This level 5 module will give the learner the skills to record, edit, interpret and analyse payroll data using both manual and computerised methods. 

The learner will be equipped with the ability to take on end-of-year returns as well as the daily upkeep of staff records and reports vital in HR (Human Resources) and accounting departments.

This module is a statement of standards within the area of word processing and its associated requirements. 

The learner will develop their word processing skills and build their knowledge of file management techniques using the most recent version of word processing software.

This module provides the learner with a comprehensive competence in a number of computer applications.The skills covered include database systems, spreadsheets and computer graphics

These abilities will give the learner a platform to develop any and all of these skills further.