West Clare VTOS

Additional Options

The following modules can be taken as additional options to make up the number of credits to gain one of the four awards.

Info Please note that modules in this section are options and are therefore marked O.

The module is designed to provide the learner with knowledge and understanding of drawing as a language. The module will emphasise the process of drawing. It will develop the learner’s confidence to use drawing as a means of communication.

This module offers you a chance to make and design your own stained glass art work. This module includes making stained glass candle holders, hanging pieces and jewellery making.

An opportunity to explore your creative side and often a welcome break from books and computers.

"I thought this class was great for making pieces for my family and friends" - Louise

In this Level 5 QQI module you will be working with assorted tools and woods such as Ash and Beech. Using different techniques you will learn using a lathe to create decorative wooden objects. The lathe is moving the wood continuously and using stationary tools you will express yourself by carving creative images into the wood. This module lets you expressive yourself and your personality.

"I loved the wood-turning so much that I bought a Lathe and now make my own pieces at home". - Noreen

This language module aims to give a solid basis in the language, culture and social traditions of Spain. This is achieved through not only study of the language itself but also the exploration of what makes Spain so unique and such a popular destination.

The module is designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge to develop their personal health-related fitness and to devise safe, effective personal health-related fitness programmes for themselves and others. This module also provides learners with relaxation and tips for reduction in stress useful for everyday life.

This is a level 5 QQI module. This class offers you both practical and theory to develop gardening knowledge and skills. The learner will grow and tend to your own plants as well as growing your own fruit and vegetables. This is a great module for those interested in gardening and especially the 'Grow Your Own' and 'Grow It Yourself' movements taking place across the country. It is suitable for those with acres and lots or window-boxes and pot plants.

"I found this module enjoyable and interesting as I now have a garden at home". - Anne