West Clare VTOS

Centre Staff

Frank is a successful wood and cabinetmaker and these skills he passes on, through teaching, here at VTOS. For the last number of years he has run the project here in Kilrush as full-time co-ordinater.

Frank teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

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Ann teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

Michelle Bradley has been into fitness all her life and her interests include cross country matathon running, weights training, cycling, canoeing, yoga, aerobics and walking. Michelle has been teaching in VTOS since 2002.

She hopes to introduce people to activities they enjoy in order to improve their social, physical and mental well-being.

Michelle teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

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Dominica teaches 3 course(s) as follows:

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Declan teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

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Leween teaches 2 course(s) as follows:

Ana Marques is a Learning Consultant with a Master's Degree in Modern Languages. She was Head of Studies for the English and Spanish departments in a private school in Seville, Spain. She is also director of her own company and gives one-to-one sessions to students with learning difficulties in addition to working with teachers and parents. She occasionally delivers workshops for parents and teachers.

Ana has been teaching Spanish for several years in the VEC in Ennis and Kilrush. She is a member of the Teaching Council of Ireland.

Ana M. teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

Originally from Dublin, Marian McGonagle moved to Co. Clare in 1993 with her husband and daughter (now joined by a son) and fell in love with the county and the people. While working in the industrial sector, she returned to education part time to study Social and Community Studies with UCC. Following redundancy from work she attended VTOS full time in Ennis where she achieved a Childcare award and a certificate in Psychology from NUI Maynooth. A passion for learning was ignited.

In fact she liked it there so much that she continued with her studies and became a tutor working for the VEC (they never got rid of her). She now works in Kilrush VTOS. She returned to education again in 2008 and completed an honours degree in Training and Education in 2012. Marian does like to practice what she preaches!

Education is a lifelong process; there is no start, middle or end. It can be formal, informal but definitely can be fun. Friends are made, new learning happens and new opportunities will arise. Marian's advice is to embrace new learning and enjoy the journey.

Marion teaches 6 course(s) as follows:

Deirdre Moynihan joined the teaching staff in West Clare VTOS in 2012. She taught Computers and Maths in St. Joseph's Education Centre in Ennis from 1996 to 2012 and before that taught Maths and Chemistry in Scarriff Community College. She taught ECDL in the Congress Information & Opportunity Centre in Ennis and 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Maths for the BSc Economics degree offered by the Adult Education Centre in Ennis from 1990 to 1995.

Deirdre graduated from the University of Limerick with a B.Sc (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry and worked in Elan Corporation, Athlone for 2 years. She returned to education completing the Higher Diploma in Education in NUI Galway. She went back to the University of Limerick to complete a Master of Arts in ICT in Education in 2003.

While teaching in St. Joseph's Education Centre in Ennis, she had responsibility for their website and also looked after the website of the National Coordinator of the Senior Traveller Training Centres.

The staff and students in West Clare VTOS have been very welcoming and a pleasure to work with.

Deirdre teaches 3 course(s) as follows:

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P.J. teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

Can you believe it, I sold tennis balls for ten years! We "emigrated" down to Kilkee, opened a B&B and that was it, golf and sea. I'd worked a little bit on a word processor, that seemed to fill a whole room, and was getting a bit fed up so joined VTOS as a student in Kilrush.

I'd no career expectations but having got a taste for education I wanted to do more. More studying, part time teaching, I got into computers. I suppose it was the right place, the right time."

I love the teaching. It's an easy subject to teach and there are no discipline problems in Adult Education. If somebody said 10 years ago I'd be a full time teacher, well. You get something back."

I don't look ahead - no pension, I could be dead. I believe in today.

Computers are only a tool and as good as the operator. It's about the right buttons in the right order. With computers, nothing's stagnant. It's always changing. You have to keep learning just to keep up.

Katherine teaches 4 course(s) as follows:

With VTOS since 1992, Maura started at Kilrush Youth Centre, then the Post Office, onto the Convent in Kilkee and now teaches here in the Adult Learning Centre plus Scarriff and Ennis.

Maura is a full time educationalist following her Science Degree and Higher Diploma in Teaching through Secondary School teaching to Adult Education.

Why Adult Education?

Adult's want to learn. Discipline is not an issue. I know what it's like to be unemployed. I had to work abroad for 6 years so I know how difficult it is to start again.

Why maths and business studies?

I loved maths and science. It's like a jigsaw, magic. To see it "click", a connecting of minds. It's so relevant to people, whether they're starting up in business or trying to help the kid's with homework. More and more people are interested in office work.

There are less students now, possibly due to lower unemployment but for those who missed out or didn't understand at school VTOS is fantastic.

Maura teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

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Joan teaches 1 course(s) as follows:

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Patrick teaches 2 course(s) as follows:

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Breda teaches 6 course(s) as follows: